Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Artist Talk Outline

-Start out with our reasoning for the fake wine bust and why we still offer free pizza, when we were partly making a statement about how people must be bribed or rewarded to attend art viewings. We can tell them that we offer them pizza as a thanks and appology for being part of our project.

-Next each one of us describes our own character such as their traits, goals, etc.
(Have 4 channel composite playing again in background as we speak.)

-After the character descriptions we can describe our opinions about what the Jones family and the movie represents.

-Next we can describe the meaning and reasoning behind the entire project including the community dinner performance, the performance/screening stunt, and the final artist talk.

-Conclude by asking if people have reactions or opinions they want to share of they have questions before playing the footage from the fake wine bust to end the artist talk.

Performance/Screening Review

The performance was successful! I think everyone involved including myself played their part well. Thanks Jill and Don, you both did great and played crucial aspects of the performance, making the illusion believable. Andrew did a good job introducing us, and the fiasco ran smoothly from there on. We attracted a large crowd, which was great, and they reacted as we hoped. Just when it seemed people were beginning to get bored with the video, Jill came in and acted upset, which caught some attention back. When Don came in and turned the light on, everyone in the room was surprised by the interruption. I think the majority of the audience truly believed they were in trouble up to the point that they read the letter. Overall, I think the screening/performance went better than planned, and everyone's roles were important to making it as successful as it was.