Monday, August 31, 2009

Film Write Up

My film, Growing Backwards, references the Avant Garde films we viewed last week, such as Man Ray's and Rene Clair's. I used many of the same techniques as the Avant Garde films such as repetition of shots, strange camera angles, manipulation of time such as slow motion and sped up shots, stop motion and image sequences. I also made my film more abstract with a non linear time span instead of traditional narrative. I really enjoy this style of making video and believe it has many opportunities to create new images instead of cliche imagery. I made the video black and white because it references the old films appearance, and it also helps unify the shots. A lot of the shots are very chaotic and I believe color would have been too distracting from the image. Overall, this style of video has really influenced my work and I really enjoyed doing it. Shooting and editing went well, without many problems. I am still deciding whether my video needs sound or not.


  1. The film is very successful in referencing the avant garde films we viewed. The repetition of actions-the man jumping, the head spinning, people running, these things created a structure for the film. The film begins and ends with these same shots and this seemed to create a circular structure. The idea of circle or of something spinning is constantly referenced in the film, and I think that this rhythm holds it together, and gives it a sort of chaotic structure. The one thing I would like to see added to this film is a shot that is in complete contrast to the chaotic, layered shots. Maybe some stop motion text, actually. just something to break up the shots a little bit.

  2. Lots of movement (specifically human feet). The editing is the highlight of the film to me. Lots of sharp contrast overlapping, of nature over human imagery. The shot of the spinning face with in a spotlight is really really excellent! I feel sound would really improve this piece. Not necessary, but I could see a lot of potential moving in that direction.