Thursday, November 19, 2009

Performance Proposal

The students of the Experimental Cinema class are organizing a performance that will compliment the screening of our movie. We plan on screening our film during lunch on December 2, 2009 at 12:00 PM. The event will be promoted with free food and drinks during film screening. There will be free food and FAKE wine, which we will serve, in costume, at the front of Myers while the movie plays. We want people to believe that we are serving real wine and are breaking the rules to draw a crowd. The reason for the free food and “wine,” is to attract a larger audience and show how most people must be forced, bribed or rewarded in order to attend art viewings, when ideally they should want to attend the event for the art alone. We will serve the fake wine to anyone who wants it until Jill Wissmiller enters the room to realize that we are breaking the rules. She will act angry and leave to get the head of security, Donald Kelly, to handle the problem. He will come into the room and take action as if the situation was real. We need Donald Kelly’s participation to make the illusion more believable, and leave a stronger impact on the audience. Our reason for this act is to show people that they should not have to be bribed to view art. Finally, we plan to present a lecture to the student body, describing our process and reasoning behind our actions.

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