Monday, November 30, 2009


*Invitations have been delivered in the student mailboxes.
*There are posters put up in the school, and the rest of promotion will be done through word of mouth.

The food will be warmed around 11:30 or 11:45 and set up on the table. The projector will be ready to go between 11:30 and 11:45.
We will need:
*Table with table cloth and chairs
*Painting of Woman
*Turkey and Side Dishes
*Our wine glasses and plates
*Paper plates and cups
*Plastic forks and spoons
*Our costumes
*Projector and laptop
*Video Cameras

We will document this event with two cameras, one behind us and one in front.

I will consider this event a success if at least a hand full of people attend the screening, and their sense of reality is blurred with illusion.

I think success is a good word because the success is defined by the artists goals. For example, one person may not think something is a success because it does not please them, while on the other hand the artist sees it as a success because the goal was to create the unpleasurable. Since we are not dealing with money and numbers, if we can get the IDEA across to the audience I see it as a success.

I see the post screening as more of a lecture style presentation. First we could show the movie by itself. After it plays through once or twice we will talk about our ideas and motivations behind the video and performances. After we discuss our ideas we can show the footage of the event screening with the video, mixing the real with the posed or acted. At the end I think we should ask the audience to critique our work, ask questions and maybe tell about their reactions to the series of events.

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