Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ideas for Group Project

Each of us act in the film as a different character.

Each character would be a monster or at least very beast like.

Each character has a separate introduction in the film where each are doing different random things such as putting together toy models, fishing, etc. This will be similar to the character introductions in Gone in 60 Seconds, and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Each character will get a phone call that interrupts their random activity. They answer the phone and say alright ill be there.

After the introduction of each character, all the beast meet up and do something very common such as bowling.

They all hang out and drink getting along, getting drunker and drunker, until one gets completely out of line and gets on the other beasts nerves.

All the beasts kill the obnoxious beast.


  1. I really like the idea of the structure of this film. maybe we could play some more with this idea of "beast" and each of us could write a character description and we could trade and interpret/act as the other person's writing in our own films. then maybe we could have a film made up of each of our four films with this general theme of horror/comedy/beast. hmmm.

  2. I think it could be more interesting if instead of everybody haveing such specific boundaries to work within, we could open the general idea to something broader, I think this could work really well as one of the four films, or maybe I'm just viewing the idea of a beast as too limiting, but I like the idea of the four characters, we could leave it open for interpretation?

    and I like the idea of getting together in the end, or all four films coming together at one scene. I guess my main hang up is limiting everyone to something so specific.

    - michael

  3. yeah, I agree with natalie, we could all come up with writings for character's to depict, I think the idea of beast is interesting, examining what a "beast" is to each of us, or everyone's descriptions of a beast. Four perceptions of a beast.

    I don't think I was thinking of beasts in the right way, I think I was thinking too literal.

  4. The idea of having seemingly unrelated characters brought together by an unknown source to some secret meeting (which inevitably ends up being bowling, or something of the kind.) can be a really nice way for us to integrate our own personalities individually and as a whole.

    I want my character to be some anal retentive monster, working on a model, who then gets all frustrated and destroys the model, before getting "the call."

  5. yup. I agree that it might be more interesting if the theme was a bit more open.

  6. I agree that the beast seems limited, but I think this could be solved by illustrating each of our different perceptions of beasts. I also think the actions or activity each beast is involved in before they meet up will help illustrate these different perceptions. I also think if all of our actions are intense or bizarre during the introductions, it should be the complete contrast when we meet up, or vice versa.