Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetry and The Film response

This reading is very confusing but had some interesting points. I agree with Miller's idea of the film being the closest man made aesthetic device to the structure of a dream. I agree because it deals with the illusion of time and space, and the combinations of images. If comparing poetic films to dreams, I would say they are quite similar. They are not always concerned with logicality or a common structure. I agree with Deren's comparison of poetic films with dream sequences from commercial films. Most of the narratives in commercial film's rely on actions and logic to receive logical interpretations, but when they must represent something more abstract, they rely more on emotions and meanings implied through linked images. This abstract representation receives abstract interpretations which are usually different for many viewers. To me, that makes it more poetic since it is not so concrete and allows the imagination and feelings to come into play.

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