Monday, October 12, 2009

--Start with person alone in a room, staring at their self in a mirror
--The mirror shows an image of the person but with white eyes
--The camera zooms into the mirror, going through it and coming out in the world of the white-eyed persona, which is the same room
--The camera pans past the head of the white-eyed persona while turning to look into the mirror
--Now the mirror holds an image of the person but the person appears very beastlike and is outside
--The camera pans away from the mirror and the white-eyed persona until a normal looking persona is shown crawling on the floor reaching toward the white-eyed persona. The white-eyed persona does not even acknowledge it.
--In the middle of the reaching action it will flash to the normal persona outside reaching to open the door.
--As soon as the door starts to open it flashes back to the normal persona reaching for the white-eyed persona and falling flat on the floor. The white-eyed person still does not react.
--At the time of the collision it flashes to the door slamming shut outside and the camera pans over and back toward the beastlike persona staring into the sky
--The camera then pans away from the beastlike persona, until coming back out of the mirror of the beginning shot with the person in the room alone staring into the mirror
--The mirror then turns into a flower and the person begins to spin in circles
--It flashes over to the normal person dead on the floor, and the beastlike persona is staring from the doorway
--Cuts back to person spinning. Person now stops spinning and opens eyes staring at the beastlike persona, revealing the white eyes

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