Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vertical Project Ideas revised

I did not change a whole lot from before besides taking out the white eyes, and beast like persona. I want all the personas to look exactly the same to reinforce the idea of defying space and time with this video. I also took out the part where the mirror changes into a flower and the person spins. Instead, I want it to act as a loop, starting and ending with the same shot. I think this will reinforce the idea that the person is stuck, or cant help but keep going in circles in his/her mind.

--Start with long shot of person alone in a room, staring at their self in a mirror
--Close up of the mirror shows an image of the person
--The camera zooms into the mirror, going through it and coming out in the mirror world
--Once in the mirror world the camera pans past the head while turning to look into the mirror
--Now the mirror holds an image of the person but the person appears very blurred and unrecognizable
--The camera pans away until another persona of the same person is revealed crawling on the floor reaching for the person holding the mirror
--In the middle of the reaching action it will flash to the same person outside reaching to open the door of the house.
--As soon as the door starts to open it flashes back to the person reaching for the person holding the mirror and falling flat on the floor.
--At the time of the collision it flashes to the door slamming shut outside
--The camera then shows the person walking through the doorway of the room where the person was holding the mirror
--The camera then pans away or zooms out again until coming out of the mirror the first person is holding in the room
--It flashes over to the person (who was reaching) dead on the floor. The other persona of the person coming in the door of the room
--A long shot is shown, revealing all three personas in the same room together until the two disappear, by popping back to the first shot again

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