Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 ideas

1. Make many small objects come out of the same, but bigger object.

2. Make a confined person create their dream or goals in a drawing or miniature, then they shrink down and escape through their imaginary way out.

3. A person is creating their own miniature empire, creating small countries and imagining conquering them. After he gets ingulfed in his imagination, reality fades and he is in his miniature, covered in blood, surrounded by dead bodies, eventually he is killed by his own invention.

1 comment:

  1. Personally I like the third concept as I like the idea of a person being consumed by their imagination, literally and figuratively. But if you are going to go with the one you showed in class I think you could also utilize a little of the concept in number 3.

    The idea of mask, an imaginary mask, that we use to hide who we truly are could eventually consume a persons personality. The mask is a part of who they imagine themselves to be, so maybe in a way it is a more "realistic" aspect of the imagination that forces itself upon that person reality.