Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My final idea consists of a character in the distance with a mask on. The character will be blurred in the distance concealing detail. The character will be pixilating toward the camera. The legs will remain still while the upper body and head will be shaking to illustrate being trapped in the mask. The closer the subject gets to the camera the more in focus the shot is and the more detail is shown. Once the face covered by the mask fills the screen, it will slowly begin to move to the right in the frame. While slowly moving right, the character will remove the mask and reveal the face. There be blood draining like tears out of the eyes. The blood will slowly fade away exposing the natural face and the camera will zoom all the way into the eye of the character as the end.

The pixilation toward the camera and the shot coming into focus, emphasize the idea of exploration or examination of the true self. The shaking of the upper body and the stillness of the legs is a metaphor for the duality of human nature. This will also illustrate the idea of being forced into or trapped in this mask. The blood draining out of the eyes, when the mask is removed, is meant to symbolize the affect the mask had on the character's true essence. The blood fading away illustrates healing. Eyes are often seen as the gateway to the soul, so the zoom deep into the eye is meant to be the exposure of the essence, or true self. To me the mask is a symbol of the roles we are forced to play. The process of stop motion lends itself well to the idea of roles, since each frame is directed and forced. I am trying to expose this mask so people can remove it and be individuals.

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