Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts and Goals

Masks define our roles in the big movie playing over and over again called society. The directors of this movie are those with money and power and they wreak all the benefits when the movie sells. To them we are not individuals but characters created in their minds to play the roles in their big movie. These roles are forced upon us so much to the point that we beleive them, accept them, and are content with them ourselves. The directors do not know us and do not care to know about us. We are like their machines that must be upkept just enough to get the job done. Upkept as cheaply as possible so we can keep doing their shit work. We are masked and objectified. No identity or essence, we are just replaceable tools. Repeating

I want to remove the mask
I want people to stop being content with hiding their true selves
I want people to be individuals not machines or masked actors/actresses

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