Monday, September 14, 2009

Assignment Write Up

The final shooting of this project went quite well. I think the much more gradual process of applying the make up and shooting turned out a lot more aesthetically pleasing and also makes it more like a video than an image sequence. I did not use traditional 3 point lighting because I liked the shadows casted on the face, it seemed to make the cake icing more intense. Overall, the final version of this stop motion is much stronger and hopefully gets across my concept of the social mask.


  1. I like the movement of her face within the space, every jolty movement seems like see looks as if she may vomit. which is interesting when her face begins to be covered in icing. I like the progression across the face with the initial layer of darkened face. Also thin the lipstick smearing looks great, there is moment right when the icing goes around her chin, where it blends with the lipstick and she appears very sadistic, great moment!

  2. I agree, the gradual applying of the makeup was much more interesting to watch. I'm not sure about the overall goldish color tint. Part of me really likes it, because it looks like those cheesy tanning ads, but part of me thinks you lost some of the shock value of the chunky ridiculous makeup. I'm still questioning the color of the icing, it's a bit dark, and it could be easily confused for some kind of blackface. Maybe if the frosting was closer to her skin color or a bit more on the orange side of things (since makeup tends to end up like that sometimes) it would look more like the "social mask". I would also like to see more of the glittery foundation/icing at the end move around, that looked really, really great.