Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Idea

My new idea, after being critiqued, will involve a character putting on a mask and getting bigger to emphasize the idea that people objectify themselves when they wear social masks. The background will be a time lapse of the sun going down in an open landscape. The character will be normal sized and there will be enough detail at this size to get an idea of the characters traits. When the character puts the mask on it will still get bigger but the only detail added is in the mask. The mask will be comprised of small things people do as a social mask. The background will blur and desaturate when the mask is on, emphasizing the details in the mask. I still must think about the clothing the character wears, and what details the mask will be comprised of, or if i even want to use a literal mask.


  1. I like the idea of maintaing the same amount of detail in the body while revealing more and more detail into the mask. Will you use a collage of different images that is revealed as the mask grows? I am curious to see how this will play out.

  2. this is interesting, I just have tons of questions about what this mask is going to consist of and how that will relate to the clothing or the general stereotype of the character. I'd also like to see various textures on the mask, something that will really contrast the way the character is shot. Also, the time lapse sunset is questionable for me. Visually it could be competing with your character and your mask. I think this idea has tons of potential though, it just needs more details and unpacking.