Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frame By Frame Ideas

1. Pixillation mixed with aspects of the Stereoscope. I will use either the same person or two different people, one being the inner conscience and the other the outer. The two images will have the same background but the two people or personas will be layered on top of one another, creating one figure to represent the duality of human nature. The figure will slide toward and away from the camera in a circular motion using pixillation. The figure will be sliding instead of moving itself, as a symbol that humans have little control of their conscience. The circular motion will represent the idea that this power battle of consciences is a constant cycle.

2. Stop motion of face with pieces of a mask slowly covering the features of the face. Also could be a female with makeup slowly caking onto her face. Once the face is completely covered the mask changes back and forth to several other masks which eventually hide the ears, eyes, mouth and finally the shape of face completely. By the end it will be completely indistinguishable that there is even a face in the mask. This would be a metaphor for the way peoples' roles in society change them to the point that they lose their own essence as a person becoming merely a construct of society.

3. Phenakistoscope of two figures fighting to control the other. These figures will be revolving on the outside edge rotating around a serpent eating itself surrounded by masks and money signs. The design of the Phenakistoscope lends itself easily to concepts of cycles and repetition


  1. I think the idea of the mask slowly covering the face may be that strongest concept that you have going. Although all the ideas seem to be revolving around the same concept. So I don't think that it is so far fetched that you could combine the three in some way. What about revolving the face, or changing the faces behind the masks in some sort of sequence so as to allude to a revolution (spinning, although an actual revolution would be pretty cool too!) I do like the concept in the first one about inner and outer natures, and I think that that idea could very well tie in with the mask.

  2. It sounds like idea #2 would be the most interesting visually, especially the end when the masks just change constantly. I think that would be a nice climax to the buildup of the character applying the makeup. I guess the big questions here are-what kind of makeup is the character applying? Who are these characters/what stereotypes are they portraying/evading? This might be thinking too much into it, but a woman applying tons of makeup would seem to be a statement about women in general, while someone applying facepaint would say something completely different.